TEDx には、勉強になるコンテンツが沢山あるのですが、今回は、Rachelさんのスピーチに感動したので、ここで紹介させていただきます。




I never thought I would be here today.

My invitation to speak at TEDx clashed with some
of my previous conceptions of what I can and can’t do.

I was born profoundly deaf and learning to speak was not easy.

Think about it for a second: When you can’t hear,

how do you learn to speak?

I could have chosen to use sign language today instead,
and that would’ve been a perfectly viable choice.

But for me, the answer was 18 years of speech therapy.

And at the very beginning, that speech therapy was very physical.

I spent a lot of time putting my hands
on my speech therapist’s throat to feel the vibrations when she spoke
to feel the vibrations when she spoke.

I learned that the sound “M” and “N” are nasal — try it for yourself.

M,N. and I used that information to correct myself.

I’ve always known my speech isn’t perfect – but week after week
I’d go back to try to make it better.

I did this even when I had come to terms with my own difference.

Even now, oftentimes I’ll meet a new person and that person will
look at me and say,”I can’t quite place your accent.
Are you from England?”

Or they’ll ask me, “Are you from Australia?”

Or even, “Are you from Scandinavia?”

I have other places.

and I say “No, I’m from New Mexico”

IT can be fun to be perceived as more exotic than I actually am.

But, despite all of that, there have been people who have not encouraged me to speak like this.